Who’s Who

Kalamunda Community Learning Centre (Inc.) is entirely managed by volunteers – a fact we’re very proud to trumpet!  Seven members are elected at our AGM to form the  Executive Committee.  Meet our 2016 – 2017 Executive Committee members:-

 Firstly,  our Coordinators –  David Storer, Stephanie Tonks and Bridget Hogarth.

And the other talented members of our Executive Committee are Gerard Tonks (Treasurer), Katherine Ardizzone (Programmer), Christine Bazen(Registrar) and Wally Walter(Secretary)

The Executive Committee is supported by Assistant Coordinators and Workgroup leaders who meet regularly to coordinate the activities of the Centre. We welcome members with skills and a keen interest in the Centre to consider getting involved in its running.

.. and you too, Derek
..our friendly Coordinators are perfectly normal!