Our professionally staffed on-site crèche provides quality care for your child or grandchild when you take part in morning or afternoon courses at the Centre.  It operates for morning and afternoon sessions when one or more children are registered.

Debra, crèche leader
Debra, crèche leader

We offer a stimulating, safe and happy environment for children aged between 8 weeks and 6 years, with a program that supports your child’s need to explore & learn through play.

Parents and Grandparents using the services of the crèche can choose to pay $5 per session OR place their names on the crèche roster to assist the professionals.  It’s a lovely way to make new friends who also have the care of a young child.

The crèche will be open for all to visit during enrolment week and will operate on the first day of enrolment week.  For more information please see the crèche manager.

It is recommended that your child is fully immunised.

Our crèche is partially funded by the Department of Family and Community Services.

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