Course fees are paid during Enrolment Week, before the start of each semester. 

Members also pay a $5 membership fee each semester.


$4.00 per week, overall price depends on the length of the course. eg.

16 weeks =         $64.00

8 weeks =            $32.00

6 weeks =            $24.00

Book Clubs          $36.00

LEVIES:  In addition to course fees some classes – Pottery and Jewellery charge a small levy to cover the cost of ongoing expenses.

CASUAL RATES:  Members attending a class on an occasional basis can pay a casual rate $6.00/lesson or $4.50/lesson if already fully paid for another class. Please note some classes are not available to Casuals.


Please note payments are made with bank transfer, cash, cheque, or voucher.  No credit card or Eftpos facilities are available at the Centre.

**Online enrolments will allow the use of credit cards to make payments**

CLASS ATTENDANCE:  If you have not attended your class in the first two weeks of the course, your name will be removed from the Class roll and your place offered to a person on the waiting list. No refund will be given under these circumstances.

REFUNDS: Refunds will be given if requested within the first two weeks of the course commencement day.  There is a small administration charge to process refunds. No refunds will be given after the second week of the course, although individual cases (family transfer, illness) will receive consideration.